Bella & Edward Cullen Married

Bella and ROBERT PATTINSON have actual plans to get married & you can anticipate the a wedding announcement in just a few months. ROBERT PATTINSON surprised Bella with a brilliant ringlet with an emerald stone, being that Bella isn’t a giant lover of sparkling diamonds as most women prefer. I’m under the impression, that she doesn’t appreciate them because she’s not simply just one of a kind and thinks for herself but I feel she is informed that to get such a stone on your ring finger, a workhorse in the land of the Sahara was obligated to work through strenuous hours to come upon a cherished dazzling stone. Moving along, the rare, green eyed beauty- Bella, doesn’t yearn an over the top wedding party either way, she desires for something natural but expressive just as much as the love they share with one another and their union.