Fantasie 5545 TAHITI Balcony Two Piece Set 32 to 42 D to G Cayenne


Fantasie Swimwear #5542 TAHITI Balcony & #5545 Classic Bikini Brief (2pc) Set 32-42 D-G in CAYENNE print

2012 Swimwear Collection

Bra Cup Sized Swimwear 

Made from Chlorine Resistant fabric.

Underwire. Adjustable straps. Full cup fit.

Linda suggests for US DDD cup: Locally clients try on UK F cup to start and will sometimes end up with UK FF cup or UK G cup depending on how much breast coverage they prefer (try several cup sizes to find your best fit, returning whatever doesn’t fit) –remember there is no standard cup sizing and your bra cup could be a shallow cup fit or an average cup fit or a full cup fit.

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Bra Size: 32D , 32DD , 32E , 32F , 32FF , 32G , 34D , 34DD , 34E , 34F , 34FF , 34G , 36D , 36DD , 36E , 36F , 36FF , 36G , 38D , 38DD , 38E , 38F , 38FF , 38G , 40D , 40DD , 40E , 40F , 40FF , 40G , 42D , 42DD , 42E , 42F , 42FF

Brief/Slacks Sizes: US (UK): , 4-6 US (8 UK) XS , 6-8 US (10 UK) S , 8-10 US (12 UK) M , 10-12 US (14 UK) L , 12-14 US (16 UK) XL

Color: Cayenne

Special Order, Ship expected: Special order 3-5 weeks ship expected while supply lasts.

Lindsay Lohan Wracks Up Rental Car During Production LIZ & DICK

LiLo once again messed up, but this time around it is very fixable and she won’t be going to a hearing for this misfortune. As many of you might be aware of Lindsay Lohan currently starring as the late Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick film. The insurance association brought on broad by the production team made it clear that they do not desire to have LiLo operating their rental. Of course, LiLo managed to get in a Porsche and smashed into a semi-truck. Currently, the insurance company have not removed their contract but the movie makers now have voiced their decision and will not allow Ms. Lindsay Lohan to operate one of their rental cars anymore during filming. Will she try to obey the rules?

Ozzy Osbourne Son Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

A couple days ago Mr. Jack Osbourne announced that he has been told by doctors that he has multiple sclerosis. The announcement is unforunate due to he was told he had this disease simply two weeks after the birth of his baby girl. Reports state that Mr. Jack Osbourne indentified his condition during Spring.  Jack Osbourne stated to People mag, “Why now?” Osbourne is in has late 20s, and physicians have stated that quite a few of people are diagnosed between that ages of their 20s to 50s.  Multiple sclerosis is an incurable autoimmune disease that mainly attacks the central nervous system. Individuals with this disease experience lost of vision, numbness in the limbs and maybe even paralysis. MD professionals have said with the correct prescriptions Mr. Jack Osbourne can have a fulfilled life with many wonderful years.

Harrison Ford’s Career Has Spanned Six Decades And Includes Roles In Several Hollywood

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American film actor and producer. His career has spanned six decades and includes roles in several Hollywood blockbusters, including Presumed Innocent, The Fugitive, Air Force One, and What Lies Beneath. As of July 2008, the United States domestic box office grosses of Ford’s films total over US$3.5 billion, with worldwide grosses surpassing $6 billion, making Ford the third highest grossing U.S. domestic box-office star. He worked at Napowan Adventure Base Scout camp as a counselor for the Reptile Study merit badge.

Reality Show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Kimberly Michelle

Ever since the premiere this amazing female first appeared on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have gone on the mission searching the internet to find out some more info on this woman.  The few information we know is that Kimberly Michelle has a sexy frame and an established singer. K Michelle is also the proud mother of a little boy whose dad is said to be Memphitz, who has been said to be a huge woman beater and stole lots of money from her record deal to pay himself. Ms. Kimberly Michelle was given a contract to Jive Records about 4 years ago, but the record label never advertising her and she is now finally out of that botched deal. K Michelle vows to continue going along with her singing career with not being a part of a recording label right now, but is appreciative of R.Kelly who guide her to be a gifted music artist over the last 4 years.

Harrison Ford In A Television Interview Shown In August 2000 When Asked About What

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

In 1997, Ford was ranked No. 1 in Empire’s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” list. His mother, Dorothy (née Dora Nidelman), was a homemaker and former radio actress, and his father, Christopher Ford (born John William Ford), was an advertising executive and a former actor. in a television interview shown in August 2000, when asked about what influence his Irish Catholic and Russian Jewish ancestry may have had on his life as a person and as an artist, Ford humorously stated “As a man I’ve always felt Irish, as an actor I’ve always felt Jewish.” Ford was active in the Boy Scouts of America, and achieved its second-highest rank, Life Scout. Ford, a self-described “late bloomer,” became fascinated with acting. There is little record of his non-speaking roles (or “extra” work) in film. He was told by Tokovsky that when actor Tony Curtis delivered a bag of groceries, he did it like a movie star; Ford felt his job was to act like a bellboy. Not happy with the roles being offered to him, Ford became a self-taught professional carpenter to support his then-wife and two small sons. Lucas was eventually won over by Ford’s portrayal, and cast him as Han Solo.

Phone Words with Friends Cheats

iPhone Words with Friends & Wordfeud Cheat

iPhone Scrabble Cheat offers the quickest scrabble and words with friends word search to help players improve their game. Scrabble Word Builder is a free mobile device scrabble cheat app to help form words and deconstruct the scrabble, wordfeud and words with friends letters and display the top point words and help you win! Cheat Scrabble works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and all other mobile devices, so you can load up cheat scrabble mobile & words with friends mobile whenever you want from your mobile phone.

Top Point Words with Friends and Scrabble Cheats

New features added specifically for words with friends mobile cheats for every device include 10x quicker searches and a new feature allowing you to choose letters at the front and end of the words you are trying to connect.


They support the English and American language.

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